Big Data Engineer

Using every single bit of data collected from each and every source is not Big data Engineering. Rather it is all about taking smart decisions for accelerated business growth

Big Data is all about making an informed decision and choosing the best Big Data service provider is a challenge for all. TechImpact focuses mainly on Big Data and offers wide-ranging expertise in Big Data, Cloud Solutions, Embedded, and more
We at TechImpact, while providing Big Data Engineering services, focus on multiple domains organizing data conceptually by implementing a data program which is well thought out for every unique client. We drive vision and value through developing Big Data Engineering capabilities, which helps clients to scale the platform readiness

Our big data solutions enable organizations to:

  • Identify the right approach for collecting and connecting with data.
  • Identify and resolve big data security risks priorly.
  • Develop and implement big data solutions across all business verticals.
  • Maintaining and managing the big data services with ease .

  • We help organizations garner the right customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross sell and up sell driving profitability. From strategy road map, tech evaluation, and proof of concept to platform customization and implementation, our experts are always at hand to help you navigate all stages on your big data journey. Our experts focus on providing valuable services which lead to innovative and improvised result generation