Our Mission

Delivering Innovative, cost effective and qualitative solutions to our clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction exceeding their expectations. We believe in growing together.

Our Philosophy

Our highly experienced leadership team understands the disconnect and challenges employers face to find the right resources for the job, also the employee challenges in seeking the right job opportunity. We, at TechImpact Consulting bridge that gap between the employer and employee.

About us

TechImpact Consulting provides staffing and application development services to clients nationwide. We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We take pride in announcing that we are a Start-Up Organization with a vision to provide highly talented manpower to corporations seeking talent when needed at optimum cost. We provide growth in essence by providing result-oriented talent. We understand and fulfill the needs of our clients.

TechImpact Consulting is a quality provider of software solutions, staffing and professional services. We provide the best talent in high end technology, enterprise-wide solutions, and the cloud-based development services.

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Why Choose us

We provide the best talent in high end technology, enterprise-wide solutions, and the cloud-based development services

Significant savings

Pocket savvy maintenance services help you get economically stable and progressive day-by-day . We are a significant source who let you think out of the box.

World Wide

We let you get new Revenue Potential, and get Greater Access. Get knowledge of new business Culture and staffing solutions. Get exposure to Opportunities abroad and improve your Company's Reputation with us

Satisfaction Result

Become a Competition differentiator with us, coz Customer satisfaction is the key to either make or break brands. Obviously satisfied customers will get back to you for more business & shall spend more money which is good for business

Enhanved Business

Business Enhancement leads to Improved Business Agility resulting in Revenue Generation. Our Improved Staff Coordination and Collaboration delivers Automation and Productivity at its best

Our Services

Established in Charlotte, we are one of the most credited and professional partners of major USA Companies.

Our Clients