Talend ETL Developer

Talend is the name of an ETL tool which helps in Data Integration. With the help of Talend we provide software solutions for data preparation, quality of data, integration of data, integration of different applications and management of data. It is a widely used technology

With the help of Talend, the basic data pipeline can be started within no time. With the help of Talend ETL and data integration tools, you can get the graphical profile of your data which is easy to use

It is challenging to bring data from a raw format to that format which makes sense for your business users. Data analysis is what some people understand, not knowing about the complexity of the data models and the efforts applied for encrypting the same. To collect such data without a reliable means from the data source and deliver it in a format easily understood to the user is of great concern

Such issues are solved with the help of Talend ETL tools. These tools gather data from various sources, converting it into understandable format and then provide the transformed data in repositories for business analytics

This tool works as an instrument which automates the data conversion process through three functions

  • Extracting data from different sources
  • Transformation of data into enterprise data modellike Data Warehouses
  • Loading of data on the destination